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Audio mastering

How it work.

How To Place Your Order ?

With the drop-down menu provided above, you have the ability to customize your package precisely to your liking.

  • Service / Stem Count (Please indicate the number of stems that will be sent for mixing)
  • + Stereo Master (select the option to include stereo mastering)
  • + Apple Digital Master (select the option to include apple digital masters)
  • + Vinyl Master (select the option to include vinyl mastering)
  • + DDP (select the option to include a DDP (digital disc protocol))

To order your mastering, simply select the number of songs you need, add them to your cart and complete the payment process using PayPal or Stripe. After payment, you can easily upload your files via the designated upload page.

Service / Stem Count

You can choose the number of stems or audio files that you wish to have mixed by selecting the appropriate option under the Services / Stem Count tab.

  • 2-10 Stem Mix
  • 11-25 Stem Mix
  • 26-50 Stem Mix
  • 51-100 Stem Mix

Providing a larger number of stems offers greater flexibility to mix and process each individual sound, resulting in a better overall mix.

Stereo Master

If you choose to add + Stereo Master to your order, you will receive a stereo master produced using our analog mastering chain. Analog mastering provides a more pleasant overall listening experience, creating a sense of depth and space in the master.

Apple Digital Master

If you opt to add + Apple Digital Master to your order, you will receive both the stereo master and the Hi-Res Apple Digital Master. This version of your master is specifically optimized for Apple Music and can be released on the platform as an official Hi-Res Apple Digital Master. All such masters are labeled with a badge and promoted as an official Hi-Res Apple Digital Master on Apple Music.

Vinyl Master

By adding + Vinyl Master to your order, you will receive an additional version of your master that has been optimized specifically for vinyl pressing. This version will be ready for vinyl production.


By adding + DDP to your order, you will receive back a DDP (Digital Disc Protocol) according to the Sony Redbook Standard for the pressing plant.


Audio mixing is a crucial step in the production of music, film, and other forms of audio content. It involves blending multiple audio tracks together to create a balanced and cohesive sound. This process is essential for achieving a professional-quality mix that sounds good across a range of playback systems.

At its most basic level, audio mixing involves adjusting the levels of each track to ensure that they blend well together. This involves balancing the relative volumes of each track, as well as adjusting their frequency content and stereo placement. For example, we might boost the bass on a drum track to give it more weight, or pan a guitar track slightly to the left to create more space in the stereo field.

In addition to balancing levels and frequencies, audio mixing also involves adding effects to individual tracks and the overall mix. This can include reverbs, delays, EQ, compression and other effects that help to shape the sound and add interest and depth to the mix.

Our skilled mixing engineers can make a significant difference in the final sound of a recording. By carefully balancing the levels, frequencies, and effects, they can create a mix that sounds clear, dynamic and engaging. A good mix can bring out the best in a recording, highlighting the strengths of each track and creating a cohesive whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Overall, audio mixing is an essential part of the audio production process, and it requires a combination of technical skill and artistic creativity. Whether you are producing music, film, or any other type of audio content, a high-quality mix can make all the difference in the final product.

If you are interested, you can send us your session (Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro X, Studio One). We offer you the opportunity to completely remix or fine-tune your track by building on your existing mix. We adapt to your individual desires and take your sound to the next level.

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