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Audio mastering

How it work.

How To Place Your Order ?

With the drop-down menu provided above, you have the ability to customize your package precisely to your liking.

  • Service / Stem Count (please indicate the number of stems that will be sent for mastering)
  • Turnaround Speed (select the desired turnaround time for your master)
  • + Apple Digital Master (select the option to include apple digital masters)
  • + Vinyl Master (select the option to include vinyl mastering)
  • + DDP (select the option to include a DDP (digital disc protocol))

To order your Audio mastering, simply select the number of songs you need, add them to your cart and complete the payment process using PayPal or Stripe. After payment, you can easily upload your files via the designated upload page.

Service / Stem Count

You can choose the number of stems or audio files that you wish to have mastered by selecting the appropriate option under the Service / Stem Count tab.

  • Stereo Master
  • 2 Stem Stereo Master
  • 3-6 Stem Stereo Master
  • 7-12 Stem Stereo Master
  • 13-18 Stem Stereo Master
  • 19-25 Stem Stereo Master

Stereo Stem Mastering  is a precise audio mastering technique that enables engineers to balance and process each stem independently, resulting in a more refined and well-balanced final product. This method allows for targeted volume adjustments on specific elements, rather than relying on general EQ or compression, resulting in superior sound quality for music tracks, podcasts and other audio projects.

Turnaround Speed

By accessing the “Turnaround Speed” tab, you have the option to choose your preferred date for the completion of your mastered files.

  • Express (returned next 1-2 working days)
  • 3-5 Working Days (returned in 3-5 working days)

Our processing time for mastering is calculated based on weekdays, Monday through Friday. If you have a specific deadline in mind, simply inform us when you place your order and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Apple Digital Master

If you opt to add + Apple Digital Master to your order, you will receive both the stereo master and the Hi-Res Apple Digital Master. This version of your master is specifically optimized for Apple Music and can be released on the platform as an official Hi-Res Apple Digital Master. All such masters are labeled with a badge and promoted as an official Hi-Res Apple Digital Master on Apple Music.

Vinyl Master

By adding + Vinyl Master to your order, you will receive an additional version of your master that has been optimized specifically for vinyl pressing. This version will be ready for vinyl production.


By adding + DDP to your order, you will receive back a DDP (Digital Disc Protocol) according to the Sony Redbook Standard for the pressing plant.


Audio mastering is the final and critical stage in the audio production process. It involves fine-tuning and enhancing the overall sound quality of a final stereo mix before it is released or distributed to various media platforms.

In this process, our mastering engineer uses advanced tools and techniques to balance the frequency and dynamic range of the mix, ensuring that it sounds consistent and professional across different playback systems. Our mastering engineer may adjust the EQ, compression and stereo imaging to optimize the mix for different environments, such as car stereos, headphones and club sound systems.

Aside from balancing the mix, the mastering engineer may also apply subtle enhancements, such as adding warmth, depth and clarity to the mix. This process involves using a range of processing techniques, such as harmonic excitement, stereo widening and limiting to create a cohesive and polished sound.

A well-mastered audio track can make a significant difference in the listener’s experience, bringing out the best in the music and making it stand out in a crowded market. With the right tools, you can ensure that your audio sounds its best, capturing the essence of your music and delivering it to your audience with maximum impact.

We place great emphasis on the highest quality and utilize our expertise, technical know-how, and state-of-the-art equipment to enhance your stereo tracks in acoustically optimized rooms. We work closely with you to best implement your individual artistic sound concepts and bring out the best in your material.

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